Monthly Archives: November 2011

forward-don’t forward

OK, I am steamed. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the computer so anything that slows me down really heats me up.

Like everyone, I get “forward” messages. One person who apparently forwards EVERYTHING he receives sends me stuff. Lots of stuff.

First I politely asked him to take me off his mailing list. The mail kept loading in my box. I asked again-all caps-and he replied that he had taken me off his mailing list. The mail kept coming. I have been opening each item (a major time waster) and hunting for the unsubscribe link. Some of them are obvious, others make you send an email…more time wasters.

I am asking him AGAIN to take me off his list because I can see the long list of people that he is forwarding to and my name is there.

My point is this: IS IT NECESSARY TO FORWARD???? PLEASE, think before you forward. Don’t just hit the “forward to everybody I know” button-think about WHO you think would be interested in reading the mail you think is so important. If you think it takes too much time to SELECT your forward addresses-understand that is exactly what you’re doi to many of the people on your mailing list.

By the way, if anyonehas any suggestions I’m open.