Monthly Archives: July 2011

still working

I’m adding a couple of new pieces here. My brother, Johnny, gave me the wooden duck. He found it in a thrift shop. It was brown, and the bill was cracked. The phrase “Ugly Duckling” applied to this poor wooden thing regardless of age. Ugly, ugly. I love projects like that! My photography isn’t good enough and it will eventually get to the pro, Eli, but for now I wanted him to be seen in his new persona.

The blue gourd bowl with the orange petals is a project using a medium called Powertex. It hardens fabric and can be even left outside. I’m still workign¬†with it, and I have some new ideas for using Powertex. It’s also hot. I got home and wanted to work on some furniture. The duck has got me itching to work with a couple of stools and some tables, some chairs, that I ahve¬†been eyeing al;l winter. But it was so hot when I got home…yeah, I pansied out. After a few minutes of lackluster sanding I decided to see how I feel tomorrow. Somebody slap me. I should be more disciplined than this….I’m also behind on my writing. Again, somebody send me a literary smack on the head. I need some inspiration, encouragement, something to get me out of the “don’t give a shit” I’m in right now!

Tomorrow, tomorrow.