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Ready to go!

I am testing my equipment, hiking all day to see how much food and water I need, before I actually set out on the AT. It’s the smart thing to do. My entire body is straining with the need to GO. I can hardly keep food down.

My brother is driving me to Atlanta next weekend so I only have to endure one more week. A friend sent me a text to let me know about the wild weather on the AT right now (tornado watch??) so yes, I am doing the right thing by waiting one more week. It’s going to be one long, long week.

People around me are talking about the insane price of gas, elections, celebrity gossip (I will not use the word news), and myriad other topics, none of which matter to me. In fact, they don’t seem to matter at all. I understand a lot of this is because my head and heart are somewhere else. But the same old chatter that has seemed banal and pointless for so long has become like TV static, loud and irritating and..pointless. I want to be in the woods. I want to be in the woods!