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I’m over being steamed and am happy to say that I no longer get any forwards  I don’t want. I have been cleaning up my own address book and found many addresses in more than one place so make sure when you clean out your address book you go through the entire alphabet!

I’m cleaning up my computer the best I can so my brother doesn’t have a lot of stuff to deal with while I’m on my trip. Please, don’t forward unless you are positive it’s something I care about.

I don’t care about religion, or politics. Really. Take that any way you want. I DO care about cruelty, animals or people, it’s the same to me. I care about art, craft, writing, creative expression. I got a forward once on an artist who paints his hands. original, beautiful and I loved it. I also a forward on some crap about some politician  and I resented the time it took me to realize what the forward was and delete it. THEN I started getting emails from the political site that the forward had come from so I had to take time to find the unsubscribe link.

Anyway, this is just to remind everyone to please, be as considerate of other people’s time as you are of your own. We have only a certain amount, and none of us knows how much that is. Let’s not waste any of it.