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Happy Cat!

common%20ground%20jan%20copyThis is the newest ad in The Laurel of Asheville. My Kitty looks so happy-he’s famous now. Check¬†him out at Common Ground.



Common Ground has a new ad in The Laurel and one of my gourds is the main item in the ad. It’s a great ad, and anyone who lives in this area should check out Common Ground, if you haven’t … Continue reading

New art -Mermaid desk!

I finally finished THE DESK. Donna, who owns Common Ground, has taken a few pictures and I thank her for sending the to me. I’m getting¬†ready to head out to the Appalachian Trail and it takes up a lot of my time. I’m sewing my tent now. And, living in other people’s homes is stressful, as you can all imagine. I am GRATEFUL for the encouragement of people who have opened their homes to me, and I’m sure they understand that no matter how wonderful their home is, I’m still a guest.

Here are photos of the Desk, and I welcome all comments. It’s on display at Common Ground and of course it’s for sale!

Common Ground

I have been working with a gallery in Asheville called Common Ground, and I’m pretty excited about it. The gallery emphasizes recycled, upcycled art. Artists using found materials, discarded household items and lots of natural materials make everything from furniture to jewelry. Donna, the owner, is always looking for new artists to consign with Common Ground.

Her Facebook page,


has new work posted every week. I have work there and I’m almost finished with a full-sized desk featuring a mermaid and sea designs.

Please check Common Ground on Facebook!