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Hiking the AT

I will post something more detailed later, but I want to say this while I have a chance. First, my new assignment has me away for 5 days at a time-24 hours a day so I won’t be able to check email and stuff until the weeeknd so don’t post a comment you need immediate feedback on. But please comment!

Second, I’m going to hike the Appalachian Trail, starting late March, early Spring 2012. That gives me 6 months to research, dehydrate food, gather the materials I’ll need and dispose of my worldly goods. I don’t intend to put things in storage, but will give away things to the people I know can use them. If they want to return them when I’m done, great. If they find they really need them, keep them. One thing that losing everything has taught me-I don’t really need it.

I’m excited about the trail and am open to any and all comments and suggestions. I’ll be posting more later. Think positive thoughts for me-you know,  like keeping the car in good shape, etc.