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I’m adding a couple of new pieces here. My brother, Johnny, gave me the wooden duck. He found it in a thrift shop. It was brown, and the bill was cracked. The phrase “Ugly Duckling” applied to this poor wooden thing regardless of age. Ugly, ugly. I love projects like that! My photography isn’t good enough and it will eventually get to the pro, Eli, but for now I wanted him to be seen in his new persona.

The blue gourd bowl with the orange petals is a project using a medium called Powertex. It hardens fabric and can be even left outside. I’m still workign with it, and I have some new ideas for using Powertex. It’s also hot. I got home and wanted to work on some furniture. The duck has got me itching to work with a couple of stools and some tables, some chairs, that I ahve been eyeing al;l winter. But it was so hot when I got home…yeah, I pansied out. After a few minutes of lackluster sanding I decided to see how I feel tomorrow. Somebody slap me. I should be more disciplined than this….I’m also behind on my writing. Again, somebody send me a literary smack on the head. I need some inspiration, encouragement, something to get me out of the “don’t give a shit” I’m in right now!

Tomorrow, tomorrow.


These range in size from 3" long, .5" wide to 4" wide and 2.5" long. They all use knotted cord. I don't use any special clasps. I think this jewelry looks better with the plain cord.

I will be posting some new photos soon. I’m sending items to him in  a couple of days. I didn’t really want to start making jewelry, but I found myself with quite a few jewelry supplies-much of what I work with comes to me from  people who don’t know what to do with what they’re giving me and can’t bear to throw it out….”I know you can make something with this!”

It’s wonderful compliment and what I really, really like to do. In this case, I got some jewelry supplies, some broken gourds and saw something I hadn’t seen before.

These pictures aren’t that great, but I am having such a great time making this jewelry that I wanted to share that. Comments welcome!


Here’s a bamboo room divider that I finished recently. The client is also an artist so while the surface proved challenging-woven bamboo-the end result proved to be as “happy” as most of my art.

It’s funny, my writing is mostly on the dark side but my art invariably sings and shouts for joy. It’s a good thing, I guess, that everything has an outlet-my dark, sad stuff and the bright light that still manages to shine from the paint and pencils.

I am the featured artist on The Last Page in WNC Magazine, upcoming issue-Nov-Dec- so I am wildly happy about that. I’m barely able to say it out loud, but I am wildly happy about it. Check out the website

(or pick up a magazine!) in a couple of weeks.

New Work, New Venues

I’m now in another gallery in Tryon

Check it out. New work!!

copper pot

circle of joy

Joy in every language frames the images that are special to Susan. The circle includes a dolphin, a butterfly, a black cat, a crane, hearts and flowers

My friend Susan asked me to make a piece of art for her. Susan is seeking joy and harmony in her life and consciously attends to the positive, the productive and the joyful. She asked me to make art that focused on the things in her life that bring her joy.

The finished painting (above) hangs in a room of warm colors and the bright  imagery of other art gathered from her travels. Susan has surrounded herself with glowing energy and I am thrilled that my canvas lives in such a wonderful home. I hope others will see the brilliance in Susan’s concept, to make art that illustrates that which makes you smile or laugh or just feel especially happy. Let art bring you joy.