I am a writer, artist and hardworking CNA. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, sitting on my little deck with my cats. I love my cats, Max and Annie. They are rescue cats. Over the time I’ve been with them, I think they have done as much to rescue me as I have done for them. They are there when I get home, wildly happy that I made it back to them. They purr when I pet them, when I talk to them, and of course when I put food out for them. They never complain, they don’t point out that the skin on my neck sags or that I don’t make any money. They never criticize my writing or my art. They hang out with me like I’m the most happenin’ event around. And when I need to be alone (and I do, sometimes) I put them out, close the door and ignore them. I would be prosecuted if I had children.


One response to “About

  1. Katie!! Those painted gourds above are your beautiful work…and how they gleam and transcend the ordinary of beautiful art!


    Lady Nyo

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