Showing off

My “Bistro” set and a series of  collages “Sticks and Stones” is in Kathleen’s Gallery in Saluda, NC. I’m really excited about being represented here. It’s a colorful art and craft gallery. Jeff Ely, the owner, has been wonderful to work with. He has helped me with pricing and his displays are excellent.

He represents quite a few artists who, like me, are interested in using items destined for landfills, or simply forgotten or discarded. His cool gallery is at 66 E. Main Street in Saluda. Check it out!

My photos!




2 responses to “Showing off

  1. Meagan Ruth Wagers

    What is the price? And would you be willing to sell just the moon chair by itself? Lovely work. The table is stunning also!

  2. katiewritesagain

    My bistro set is at Common Ground, through this weekend. This link will give you more information. If no one buys it I will be bringing it home until the next sale.

    No, really, I won’t sell one piece. Think about it. That leaves a table and a chair, not a set. That means they become harder to sell. I’d rather keep them as the set they were created to be. If no one ever buys them, that’s OK. They will live in my little home and make me very happy.

    I have reduced the price from $800 to $500. These pieces were found at different times, and I realized I had two chairs that matched, and the table worked exactly right between them; I knew they were meant to be a lovely place for tea and conversation. Each had to be cleaned, repaired, sanded (and sanded and sanded) then I worked on the designs….There is so much of me in this set that I am selling them for half what they are worth. Again, if no one buys them that’s OK. I love them, can look at them for hours. My work is meant to be meditative. I want people to enjoy just looking…and looking. They are meant to be meditative, mindful pieces. Thank you again for commenting on my work. It makes me very happy!

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