Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve. Another year gone, and many of us are resolving to make the coming year different, better. I’ve resolved to stop listening to news reports about public figures acting like simpletons. I’ve resolved to adjust, adjust, adjust. I’ve resolved to listen more, talk less. I’ve decided that there are situations I can do nothing about, and to stop stressing about them. I won’t buy products from companies that treat their employees poorly once I know about it.

I’ve resolved to continue to buy less-make it do, wear it out. I will appreciate things that are offered in abundance like sunny skies, pristine snowfall landscapes, dogs running for the joy of it and a stranger’s smile in the grocery store.

I am grateful for good health, my friends, my cats and a job that pays my bills. I plan to learn as much as I can about things I don’t understand. I plan to make art, write stories and share them with the world.

I hope that anyone who reads this has thought about their own past year and is looking forward to the opportunity to live another one.

Happy New Year!

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