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  1. All of your pieces are extremely beautiful! There’s just no other word to describe them! Reminds me of the good ol days back in the 60’s with all the psychedelic artwork and brilliant colors. You are a great artist, in the true sense of the word! don’t want to copy you, there’s no way I could copy you, but would like to know what medium you use to get such brilliant colors. I would like to try a little of it on some ornamental gourds for Christmas. (with Hawaiian designs on them of course)

    • katiewritesagain

      Hi Cindy! I use Prismacolor pencils and seal them with Liquid Glass (it’s usually in the scrapbooking section) for the first coat, then polyurethane for a a few more coats to make sure everything is well sealed. The sealers bring out the colors and protect the piece-gourd or anything else. I have used acrylic paint on a few things that I just couldn’t use the pencils on-like the bamboo screen. the surface was woven bamboo and even painting it was a challenge.
      Thanks for the kind, encouraging coments!

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