Snow defines the branches and trunks

of poplars and cedars

outside my window.

Snow frosts the railing of the porch.

Up the mountain space between hardwoods

is white and gray and blue.

Flakes that began as seeds of frozen rain

have bloomed soft, feathery, falling steadily

from sky the color of bone.

Insulated from the world,

I imagine people only a few miles

down the mountain struggling

to reach the promised land of the grocery store,

lining up to receive magic milk and bread.

I stare out my window,

hypnotized by the rhythm of the falling snow.


2 responses to “Snow

  1. A lovely, lovely Winter poem, Katie….

    And you know I love snow.


    Lady Nyo

  2. Malcolm Miller

    I love reading these winter poems while we are having our summer in Australia! It never snows any more in Canberra where I live, though it did during the 60s. I don’t like snow – nasty cold stuff! – but the poems bring to mind a picture of an older northern world which for most of one’s life one knew only from books.

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