The ice and snow have us locked inside again. Before any of you out there with 4-wheel drives start snickering I want to mention tha I passed two of them stuck in ditches on my way home Friday night. Apparently some people who have 4-wheel drive think that means they can drive as if there is nothing on the road…and ice has no respect for 4-wheel drive. I drove very, very slowly and when the back wheels started to slide  I turned the wheel into the skid, gently, gently, and when the back wheels started sliding the other way I turned the wheel that way. I did this several times on my drive home, willing myself to stay calm, swearing that if I made it home I was staying there. I live up several wendy windy roads that are surrounded by creeks and streams and it’s uphill on the way home, downhill when I’m on the way out. Either way, it’s tricky. And nerve-racking. When I finally got home, I used my hiking stick to plod up my ski-slope driveway, muttering that I wasn’t venturing out again until Spring.

Of course, I have to go to work. My employers are pretty understanding but I can’t get the next month off. So, tomorrow-if the ice has melted enough by, say, mid-day, I’ll go up the mountain to work  and take my toothbrush and a change of clothes. My landlord has graciously offered to feed my cats if I can’t make it home. I don’t like the idea at all but it is what it is and we have to do what we have to do.

Working from home sounds awfully good on days like this. I’m making art and putting it up for sale but that takes time. There isn’t enough to live on yet. I’m looking into free-lance writing but I imagine that’s the same. It takes time to get established and in the meantime the rent’s due, the bills collect in the mailbox and life has to go on. If any of you have suggestions about work at home careers (please don’t send any of those “Yes! You can make $10,000,000 a month working from home!!!” scams…please) I’m open to suggestions.

In the meantime, those of you who are struggling with the unusually rough winter weather I feel your pain!

Remember, it’s already the middle of February (what the hell happened? Didn’t we just celebrate New Year’s?) so Spring isn’t far off. And we should all remember this when we hear someone whining about the heat in a few months!

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