Even technology goofs

I didn’t really have time to blog today, but maybe those of you who have read it will read this-and understand why I haven’t replied to your email. I can’t get into my email!!! I get that “website not available” error.

So, I’ll try again…again and maybe whatever the pr0blem is will be corrected.

In the meantime, I had a great weekend at my writing retreat and plan to post some things this week. Mostly, I’m making art for the show in 4 weeks. It’s September 19th, for those of you in the Weaverville area (near Asheville, NC.) who might want to visit. It’s a one day show and I will be posting photos afterwards.

Talk to you all soon. If the virtual dimension allows.


2 responses to “Even technology goofs

  1. I read a lot of your blog today, having taken up the invitation at the end of your latest ERWA post. I’m very impressed with the clarity and honesty of your opinions and feelings. I loved the poem about your mother in the hospital. In comparison, my blog(s) seem only a self-advertisement for my poems. At the moment I can’t think of anything I could do about that! But I yet might…

  2. Hey Kath-a-leeeeeeen! I am so so so happy to have your blog url. Now I read what’s up with you even if I haven’t emailed (because you know how bad I am about that). Congratulations on a beautiful website and all the shows that you are doing! I am so happy for you! Lots of love and Hugs!

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