Today, July 4, I remembered a lot of happy barbeques with my ex and his family. I didn’t get slobbery or morose, only sad, very sad. Remembering good times while tiptoeing around emotional landmines without actually blowing myself to bits is a sort of progress. Some day I hope to remember events without the weight of any emotion at all. Before anyone writes to tell me something profound about emotions let me stop you. I don’t welcome emotions that leave me in dispair. I’ve had enough.

Maybe I’ll post something worth reading later.


2 responses to “Moving

  1. Hell’s bells, I got on here to share my profundity with you and the rest of the word, and before I can you reject it. As know, I recently suffered several strokes. I can’t do shit and can’t do shit about it. The pros want to remove part of my skull. To me that sounds like fun.But it ‘s not profound. But as for remembering events, right now I feel my brilliance dribbling out my ears. Ican’t drive . I can’t run. So many things I can ‘t do. I guess this proves I can be a big crybaby. I had a fight in the hospital, literal fisticuffs, and I’ve never had a violent bone in mybody. There’s moreto that storythat I mightshare. Aside from the fight,other partsofme got involved.It hurtlike hell.I think I cried. But this is your tale of woe. And to add one more thing, I’ve beeen through a situation like yours: A time when loved ones should be arould but they are nowhere to be be found. I usually gofor the funny stuff. For some reason the funny stuff seems to have become paralyzed along with the right sideof my body. HAPPY HOLIDAY

  2. Lovely artwort upabove:Sort of heavenly.

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